ULI Oklahoma: Building Age Friendly Communities

Why are so few cities, towns and neighborhoods in the United States walkable? Why is it so difficult to find vibrant communities where people of all ages, incomes and backgrounds can live, work, shop and play?

The answer, in many locations, is that zoning codes and land use ordinances have made the creation of such places illegal. In some communities, the lack of walkability, opportunity and livability stems from zoning and development decisions that intentionally separated people by race, faith, ethnicity or income.

On February 9th, Danielle Arigoni, Director of AARP Livable Communities, will be joining ULI Oklahoma to share how to make incremental changes to zoning and land-use ordinances to build or retrofit neighborhoods and urban centers. The recommendations—unlike form-based codes (FBCs) and other complete zoning overhauls—can be implemented one at a time.


Feb 09 2021


11:30 am - 1:00 pm


Members: $10 | Non-Members: $20