OREC Team will go live on January 25th, 2022.

Currently, Matrix allows you to use the team function to create a team to help streamline the internal process of the office. Its main purpose is to allow brokers, agents, and office assistants to work as a team and manage the listings and transactions together.

OREC Teams are real estate teams that are allowed to provide real estate services.
To create an OREC team or Office/Agent team, please contact MLSOK Tech support or use the MLSOK Team Request Form.

OREC Team Requirements – (MLSOK Rules and Regulations)3.23 Teams

3.23.1 All Teams must register with the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission prior to conducting any licensed activities as a Team.

3.23.2 Each Team must designate a Team leader and shall register with MLS the names of: (a) the Team leader, (b) all Team members, and (c) the Team.

3.23.3 Members of the Team may advertise under the Team name; provided, however, all Team advertising must prominently and conspicuously display the Participant’s name.

Teams FAQ