Our members have the opportunity to be involved in short-term projects!  Some of our previous committees have become as-needed task forces. These opportunities can be found on the OKCMAR Volunteer Management site, which can be accessed through volunteer.okcmar.org or okcmar.galaxydigital.com.

Here are a few pointers on using the site to sign up to volunteer:  

Your Dashboard
When you are on the volunteer site, you have your own dashboard. This dashboard will show you the number of hours you have volunteered, the number of opportunities you have responded to and the number of programs that you have fanned. It will also show you the available opportunities to volunteer for.

How to Become A Program “FAN”
Once you have signed up through the volunteer site, you can now become a “fan” of the programs that interest you. Becoming a fan of a program will automatically set you up to receive program updates and notifications of new opportunities within that program.  

How to Volunteer for Opportunities
When a program has an opportunity for volunteerism you will see these under the Opportunities button on the volunteer site. Here you can see the details of each opportunity and which program the opportunity is within. If you are available to volunteer for that opportunity you will then “respond”.

What Are the Programs?

  • Contracts & Forms
  • Political Partners
  • RISE-Professional REALTOR® Network

Thank you and we look forward to collaborating with you!