CE – Credit Scores and Reports 101

This course is worth 1 hour of ELECTIVE CE!

In this course, Derrick Adair with Credit Fitness Financial Group will guide the group through the challenging process of understanding how to service clients with credit challenges and provide further insight to help each student in their real estate careers with real-world scenarios. He’ll start the class by first helping the group to identify and understand credit reports and credit scores and how the 3 digit numbers play such an important role in the lives of their clients, then he will move on to explain why there is such a big difference between Credit Karma and the FICO score that lenders use. Afterward, Derrick will then share the 5 key factors that influence their prospects, credit reports in addition to sharing the mathematical algorithm percentage used by FICO in an easily comprehensible way.  Finally, he will outline how to solidify referral partnerships with credit repair companies, and how to identify legally licensed companies to partner with, so you can avoid credit repair scams. Imagine how much your business could be impacted by efficiently leveraging a trusted referral partner, who would be hand-delivering a client who was told NO initially, but now 6-12 months later they come back and are now able to qualify for a mortgage loan because you connected them with someone they could trust. The end result being you help the prospect get what they wanted (a home) and you get what you wanted (a conversion).


Nov 29 2022


10:00 am - 11:00 am




Derek Binsfield