NAR honors the associations who have earned the Commercial Services Accreditation. NAR’s Commercial Services Accreditation assists associations in developing commercial services, engaging members and building brand perception within community. The program, consisting of benchmarks centered on services, was first pioneered in 2008 in collaboration with NAR’s commercial boards & structures.

Hello Colleagues,
First, I am so honored to serve as your Chair and excited about all that we are doing and working towards this year!

We are dedicated to making our members and surrounding community aware that the Commercial Alliance Committee exists and are here to serve. We are committed to offering more commercially geared education, hosting networking events and collaborating with other OKCMAR committees as well as NAR and OAR to further provide value to our members and community.

Please check back to our commercial calendar and join our Facebook Commercial/Resimercial group for updates and happenings. The Tuesday Tea newsletter is geared towards everyone looking to learn more about commercial real estate. Commercial is not for everyone but it might just be for you; and we as a team will strive to make 2023 a better year and to serve you as members of OKCMAR.

Kristi Hutton
2023 OKCMAR Commercial Chair

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