Commitment to Excellence (C2EX) from the National Association of REALTORS® empowers REALTORS® to evaluate, enhance and showcase their highest levels of professionalism. It’s not a course, class or designation—it’s an Endorsement that REALTORS® can promote when serving clients and other REALTORS®.


For me, it was a great refresher after being in the business over 15 years. It reminded me of services NAR provides that I had not been taking advantage of, like the lending library, and helped me refocus on doing what I need to do to be successful.

What I liked best about C2EX is the self-paced introspective nature of the course. As you work through the material, you learn more about yourself, both personally and professionally, and that is invaluable to success in our industry. I tend to celebrate anything that celebrates professionalism and C2EX certainly does that!


Completing the program and earning my C2EX endorsement was a truly enriching experience for me. By testing my knowledge about the industry and having the tools at my fingertips to dig deeper into the competencies kept me interested and engaged. I am committed to operating at the highest level of professionalism for my clients, my peers and myself. I am proud to be C2EX endorsed!

OKCMAR C2EX Endorsed members

Robert Angelo – KirkAngel, Inc. Real Estate Professionals
Pamela Barton-Stober – Providence Realty
Lisa Brewer – eXp Realty
Mark A. Carr – Movers Real Estate Company
Christopher Chappell – Movers Real Estate Company
Vanessa Crelia – Ariston Realty
Shelley Crouse – Your Property Stop Real Estate
Penelope Crownover – Central Plains Real Estate
Debra Davis – Debra Davis Realty
Lisa Dennison-Casper – Whittington Realty
Michelle Dolinar – RE/MAX Preferred Properties
Linda Ellis – Providence Realty
Brittani Evans – Keller Williams Green Meadow
Kathy Fowler – McGraw REALTORS® (BO)
Emily Gideon – NextHome Central Real Estate
Robert Gideon – NextHome Central Real Estate
Brandilynn Hartgrove – Providence Realty
Lydia Hedrick – Kevo Properties
Cari Hokett – OKCMAR
Jennifer Hokett – Refined Realty
Vanessa Johnson – Keller Williams Green Meadow
Erika Jones – NextHome Central Real Estate
Gary Jones – OKCMAR
Becky Karpe – Metro First Realty
Jared Kennedy – LIME Realty
Jeanette Ketterling – Eagle One Properties
Tiffany Kimbrough – Realty Experts
Ann Lett – Providence Realty
Cheryl Lister – eXp Realty
Shantile Longan – McGraw REALTORS®
Don Lorg – Keller Williams-Green Meadow
Susanna Lorg – Keller Williams-Green Meadow
Adam Majorie – OKCMAR
Ciara Martin – Homestead & Co
Anya MashaneySpaces Real Estate
Stephinie Miller – Zillow Homes Inc.
Velvet McBryde – Whittington Realty
Joni Mohawk – NextHome Central Real Estate
Brian Orr – RE/MAX Energy
Bradley Owen – Providence Realty
Jason Phillips – NextHome Central Real Estate
Kandace Phillips – NextHome Central Real Estate
Sharyl Pickens – Metro First Realty Unlimited
Mark Pregler – Brix Realty
Steve Reese – NextHome Central Real Estate
Aubrey Roberts – The Real Estate Lab, LLC
Morgan Roberts – The Real Estate Lab, LLC
Elizabeth Robinson – Providence Realty
Michael Rogers – Providence Realty
Carrie Sharp – eXp Realty
Caroiyn Sims – Keller Williams Platinum
Jessica Sims – eXp Realty
Kevin Snow – RE/MAX at Home
Pamela Thacker – eXp Realty
Jessica Thompson – West and Main Homes
April Todd – Metro First Realty Unlimited
Cheryl Willard – eXp Realty
Jeanie Wilson – Metro First Realty Group
Patricia Wilton –  Metro First Realty, LLC
Brenda Woodard – LIME Realty
Ashley Worley – OKCMAR
Kieran Zepu  – Chamberlain Realty