After you have registered your lockboxes for exchange and activated your account, you will receive a confirmation email from SentriLock with the number of lockboxes you will be receiving.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the SentriLock Support Desk at: 877-736-8745 

You may have heard that we have SentriLock lockboxes in the building. The majority of these are for brokerages with over 100 members.

  • If you have not been notified for pickup, we ask that you do not come to pick up. We’ll let you know when yours are ready!
  • If you did not activate your ekey prior to boxes shipping, they were sent to OKCMAR unprogrammed. You will need to download and activate your Sentrikey and email to set a time to come in for lockbox programming and pick up.

Thank you for your help in making this transaction as smooth as possible!

OKCMAR, along with a few surrounding boards, will be moving away from Supra in the third quarter of 2023 when the current contract expires. 

OKCMAR sent communications for registering Supra lockboxes to prepare for one-for-one exchange 
• Activation and training emails sent to primary OKCMAR members
•Lockbox shipment to office addresses begins at the end of the month
• Shipment will be finished no later than September 8th
• A disposal pod will be available in the OKCMAR parking lot from September 5th to the 29th for members of all transitioning boards to properly dispose of Supra lockboxes.
•By September 30th, Supra service will be completely shut off.

•SentriLock billing cycle begins on the 2nd. 
•Members will receive first SentriLock bill (for the month of October)

With the one-for-one exchange for primary OKCMAR members, there is no cost to replace each registered Supra lockbox with SentriLock. For additional purchase, each SentriLock box costs $140.

Your monthly subscription for SentriLock will be $22 per month starting October 2nd. 

In July we asked each primary OKCMAR member to register each Supra lockbox owned. OKCMAR’s one-for-one exchange is only valid for primary OKCMAR members and registered lockboxes. It is important that all of your active Supra lockboxes are registered so that you receive a SentriLock for each Supra you own. 

SentriLock lockboxes will be shipped to brokerage offices in late August to early September. A disposal bin for Supra lockboxes will be available in the OKCMAR parking lot from September th to the 29th. All members of OKCMAR and surrounding boards are welcome to utilize the bin to dispose of their Supra lockboxes.

• Edmond Board of REALTORS®
• Greater Tulsa Association of REALTORS®
• Mid-Del-Moore Association of REALTORS®
• Norman Board of REALTORS®
• Oklahoma City Metropolitan Association of REALTORS®
• Shawnee Board of REALTORS®
• Texoma Board of REALTORS®

Please contact your primary board for details on the switch to SentriLock, as they may vary. 

SentriLock training is always available online, but three live training sessions will be held in September. Two of them will be during the OAR conference and one will be at the OKCMAR office. Please click on each link for registration info: 

September 11| 5 – 5:45 PM | OAR Conference | Skirvin Hotel

September 12 | 5-5:45 PM | OAR Conference | Skirvin Hotel

September 13 | 2 – 2:45 PM | OKCMAR

Visit for webinars and How To videos!

Sentrilock Infographics

Learn about what makes SentriLock’s world-class products, services, and company different.

Why SentriLock?

As announced in April, OKCMAR will be transitioning to SentriLock at the end of the third quarter of 2023. We are excited for this collaborative move, along with surrounding boards, to help ensure viability of local real estate data.

In order to prepare for a successful one-for-one exchange, we need all primary OKCMAR members to account for active Supra inventory. This may be done through the eKey app or remotely by going to

OKCMAR’s one-for-one exchange is only valid for primary OKCMAR members and registered lockboxes.

We suggest that all Supra users contact their respective primary boards for instructions during this transition, as they vary.

As a primary OKCMAR member, you will not be paying for your exchanged lockboxes; but it is important that all of your active Supra lockboxes are registered so that you receive a SentriLock for each Supra you own.

The last day to register for OKCMAR’s one-for-one exchange is Friday, July 21 at 11:59 pm.

The preferred method for adding lockboxes to your inventory is via the Supra ekey App, you must be near each lockbox you are trying to add.

  • Open the Supra ekey App
  • Select My Lockboxes in the top left of screen
  • Select Add Lockbox
  • Input the shackle code for the box that is being added
  • Press up on the bottom of the box to activate, so that it can be added to inventory.

If you prefer to add lockboxes to your inventory via the Supra ekey website, please follow the instructions below:

  • Visit
  • Click on LOGIN > SupraWEB for Agents at the top right corner.
  • You will then need to create your User ID and Password
  • Once you have created your login credentials, enter your Key serial number and four-digit pin code.
  • Select OK – OKCMAR

Click on the Home tab and then select Add Lockbox under Quick Links

  • Input the Lockbox information

Shackle Code required

  • Click Add Lockbox

To verify the lockbox has been added, click the Listings tab and select Lockboxes under Quick Links. The Lockbox Management page will display the lockboxes added and their details. If you have any issues adding your lockbox to your inventory please contact Supra’s Real Estate agent support directly at 1-877-699-6787

Thank you for your help in making the transition to sentrilock successful!

You will be receiving communications from SentriLock.
If you have any questions not available on, please email