OKCMAR members gathered on February 27th to kick off the RPAC fundraising campaign for 2020. The celebration was a wine tasting event at the Capitol View Event Center in Oklahoma City. Members enjoyed a variety of wine offered from locally owned Canadian River Vineyards and Winery.

As part of the kickoff, the RPAC Program Committee presented a new video promoting the chaos that can be caused by not supporting RPAC. “Members are asked to share the video and have a little fun with explaining the importance of supporting RPAC,” said RPAC Program Chair Kimi George.

“RPAC is one of the most effective ways that REALTORS® can support the profession. Through RPAC investments, the profession supports elected officials and shape policies that support the industry and the profession,” said George.

Just recently RPAC contributed $37,000 to support the passage of MAPS 4. RPAC also continues to support local municipal candidates who support homeowner’s property rights and the industry.

If you have not invested in RPAC, please join the thousands of REALTORS® across the country that are stepping up to make a difference.  

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