OU Institute for Quality Communities Placemaking Conference


The Placemaking Conference is a biennial event inviting students, advocates, professionals, and civic leaders to learn from leading experts on topics and techniques in community development. The event is held at the University of Oklahoma in Norman and has drawn attendees from sixty Oklahoma counties and 14 states.

All of the speakers featured in this conference are remarkable, but the following are especially relevant to our industry:

-Kia Weatherspoon, an award-winning interior designer who challenges the lack of standards for quality home and interior design in economically challenged communities.
-Allison Quinlan, a real estate developer who is designing and delivering new types of housing in Northwest Arkansas.
-Melody Warnick, an author with expertise in why we as humans become attached to our communities and how decisions such as where to live in a world that allows remote work are made.
Learn more about this day dedicated to learning about community development and register ASAP! https://iqc.ou.edu/conference


Mar 20 2023