August 20, 2018

Mike Selvaggio will be teaching two CRS classes in Tulsa next month!

Homebuilders Association of Greater Tulsa

8:30 AM – 5:00 PM both days

$129 Now through Aug 31
$179 Sep 1 through Sep 26
Breakfast & Lunch included

CE Credit:
Each class is approved for 8 hours Elective CE credit

Consider staying the night! There will be an evening out at Wellstown Brewery in the Brady District on Wednesday evening with a tour, trivia, and great choices from their taps!

Mastering Your Time to Achieve Your Goals

How can one day change your life, both personally and professionally? Mike shows you how to find success in your real estate career and in your personal life. You’ll have the resources to balance your business life with quality time for family and recreation. Learn how to:
• Clarify your current status in the five critical areas of your life
• Design a business that will financially support your life
• Understand various time management principles and techniques as well as the art of time blocking to create systems and accomplish goals for your clients
• Prioritize your life goals and create a plan of action to accomplish your goals

Transforming Difficult Situations into Profitable Deals

Mike will explore strategies and best practices for transforming challenging situations into win-win outcomes. You will learn how to leverage tools, systems, and scripts to effectively manage your professional relationships with difficult buyers, sellers, appraisers, agents, and others. You’ll leave with the skills to assess different personality types and effectively use appropriate communication strategies for each type. In this hands-on, highly engaging course, attendees collaborate on real-world case studies such as low offers, unresponsive agents, combative clients, ego-centric sellers, and your garden variety “problem child” to develop their own styles and techniques for transforming those difficult situations into profitable deals.
You will be able to:
• Recognize the diverse ways people think, personality types, communication styles, and how they impact professional relationships
• Leverage tools, systems, and scripts to effectively manage encounters with difficult clients, other agents, service providers, etc.
• Identify techniques and strategies to transform challenging situations into mutually beneficial outcomes
• Improve your happiness factor

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