Compliance Guidelines:

7. – Re-use of any photographs, images, video, virtual tours, or other media content contained in the MLS Compilation.

Upon confirmation of one of the following activities by the MLS staff, written notice of the prohibited activity will be sent to the Participant and/or Subscriber by electronic transmission. All confirmed instances of a Prohibited Activity will be submitted to the MLSOK Board for review and discipline.

The Participant and/or Subscriber must correct or cease the prohibited activity within two (2) business days of receiving notice. Failure to notify MLS staff that the activity has been ceased or corrected within the time frame will result in a $25.00 fine assessed to the Participant and/or Subscriber’s account each day until MLS staff has been notified by Participant and/or Subscriber that such activity has ceased and/or been corrected. 

Fines for Prohibited Violations are as follows:
• First Infraction: $125 fine
• Second Infraction: $250.00 fine
• Third Infraction: $1000.00 fine

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