May 7, 2018

With only a computer and cell phone in hand, OKCMAR members contacted their list of fellow REALTORS® with a request to invest in RPAC. The effort proved successful. The Phone-a-Friend program has not ended as of the submission of this report, but preliminary results look very good.

Over 300 members were called and 53 responded by investing in RPAC. There is an expectation the number will grow in the next few days.

If the pledges to invest in RPAC come through, OKCMAR will only be 40 members short of reaching our 2018 participation goal of 40%. This is especially unbelievable, considering OKCMAR’s total participation two years ago was only 16%!

Next on the RPAC event calendar will be a summer Major Investor reception on June 12th. More details to follow in the coming weeks.

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