March 19, 2018

The 2018 OKCMAR Foundation gala, Cirque du REALTOR® ,will be held on Wednesday, April 18th at Embassy Suites OKC Downtown.  The Neighborhood Alliance of Central Oklahoma was an honoree in the 2017 gala. The organization and the City of Oklahoma City established the Strong Neighborhoods Initiative program five years ago, supporting Classen’s North Highland Park, Classen Ten Penn and Culbertson’s East Highland. With the help of over 200 volunteers, OKCMAR Foundation has contributed to the revitalization of two of these neighborhoods.

Classen North Highland Park
A need to bring back the neighborhood park was determined, as residents desired a place where their children could play and families could gather.

A grant from the OKCMAR Foundation moved and installed a donated piece of public art from Coles Garden.  It was a large rooster statue that complimented the existing renovations that had been made to the park and enhanced the feel of a neighborhood park.

Neighborhood Alliance has hosted “I HEART My Neighborhood” for the last 10 years.  The program dedicates a week of intensive rehabbing and beautification for low income neighborhoods every year, partnering building supplies and volunteers with homeowners who are living in sub-standard conditions. With a partnership with the OKCMAR Foundation, I HEART my Neighborhood was held in June of 2017.  50 youth and adults, including REALTORS®, volunteered to repair 3 homes in Classen’s North Highland.

Classen Ten Penn

Over the past five years, the residents have formed a robust neighborhood association centered around their children and the creation of a tight community. They had also built a picnic table and benches for neighborhood-wide celebrations.

Through a grant from the OKCMAR Foundation, a community garden was established.  The food generated in the garden is cared for and used by residents of the neighborhood.  It has provided an activity for those of all ages to come together as a team; not to mention fresh food for those in need.

OKCMAR Foundation looks forward to forming more community partnerships!  Please join us on April 18th.

Click here for sponsorship opportunities and individual tickets to Cirque du REALTOR®.

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