In order to streamline the process and help members stay compliant with the rules, MLSOK is implementing an online form for Temporarily Off Market status change to help you submit the required documentation.  


Qualifications for Temporarily Off Market Status

The status can only be used for:

  • Renovations
  • Holiday periods
  • Brief convalescence

Temporarily Off Market properties cannot be available for showings.


Only the seller can instruct the listing agent to change the status to Temporarily Off Market. Signed by the seller, documentation authorizing the status change must be submitted with the online form within two business days of signature.

MLSOK does not require a specific document/form to be uploaded.  Any documentation signed by the seller will be accepted.



According to MLSOK, INC. Rules and Regulations Section 1.44:
“Temporarily Off Market” means a listing that has been temporarily removed from Active status for a period of up to thirty (30) calendar days to allow for renovations, holiday periods or brief convalescence and documentation of such event, signed by the seller, shall be provided to MLS within two (2) Business Days of signature by seller. 

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