April 23, 2018

Use the new TransactionDesk App on your iPhone® or iPad® to start and manage all of your listing, sale and lease transactions!

The app not only has all of the functionality available in the browser version of TransactionDesk, it also allows extra capabilities:

Access to local documents
Access and upload any document from your phone or tablet into your secure cloud storage in TransactionDesk.

Use Apple contacts
Access and use all your Apple contacts in your transactions

Push Notifications
Automatically receive and send transaction status alerts and reminders using your iPhone® or iPad®.

Getting started is easy with the new app. Simply download and install it from the Apple App Store, input your activation code and you are set to go!

Your Activation code is located in the Settings section in your online TD account. View a short video on how to access your code and activate your app

For more information on the availability of a TransactionDesk Android App, visit https://www.instanetsolutions.com/products/tdapp/#android

For comprehensive support, please click HERE!

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