March 12, 2018

In a little over a week, OKCMAR’s Major Investors, Top Producers and Brokers will descend on The Jones Assembly to celebrate RPAC and talk about becoming Major Investors in 2018. The Major Investors Reception – March Madness Edition will be on March 20th from 4 to 6 PM.

Why invest in RPAC?

First, RPAC is a critical part of the advocacy program for the profession and the industry. In fact, it may be the most important part. Through RPAC investments we raise funds that support elected officials who make the important decisions impacting REALTORS®. Some are strongly opposed to the idea of giving money to candidates, but it is a reality in our current election process. Without it, candidates who support the REALTOR® community would have a more difficult journey to getting elected or re-elected. Bottom line: with so much of what we do regulated by the government, it is critical that we have a seat at the table. Our investments help put us there.

OK, but why a Major Investor?

To become a major investor, you must pledge to donate $1,000 or more to RPAC. Some may ask, “Why would a REALTOR® give more than the $20 fair share?”

Because they understand the realities of the profession.  There is an expectation that only 40% of REALTORS® will support RPAC. To make up the difference, we ask the leaders of our profession to contribute more. They are the insurance needed to keep us at the table. Major Investors also understand that to ask others, you must also do. They set the example for others, helping them see how important their RPAC investment is to the profession.

NAR recognizes this investment by recognizing our Major Investors. First, they receive a distinguished lapel pin to recognize their commitment.

The four levels are:

Sterling : Investment of $1,000
Crystal: Investment of $2,500 or more
Golden: Investment of $5,000
Platinum: Investment of the $10,000 maximum

Major Investors are treated to special events at the annual and mid-year national conferences. They receive the Cook report, a national insider newsletter highlighting the latest in politics throughout the country.

While these are nice rewards, the truth is their investments make us one of the top ten most powerful organizations in America. They help ensure that REALTORS® are at the forefront on issues impacting the profession.

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