April 15, 2019

Tomorrow from 9 am to 3 PM, OKCMAR volunteers will be calling members who have not invested in RPAC for 2019. If you fall into that group and have not invested in RPAC this year, you can avoid a call by making your investment by noon today! By clicking Invest 2019 and making your $20 Fair Share investment, you will be covered for the year.

Remember, when we combine our dollars in the REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC), we can make a difference in the industry and elect politicians who believe in Oklahoma’s real estate industry. That is what makes our political action committee one of the most influential in the country. REALTORS® have been supportive and active in making sure we have a seat at the table through our generous investments through RPAC.

The OKCMAR membership has already positively responded to the call to invest in RPAC. We are already at 74% of our goal for 2019! Let’s unite and reach our goal!

If you would like to volunteer, please contact Government Affairs Director Gary Jones at gjones@okcmar.org.

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