March 19, 2018


Did you know?

Some common MLS violations are often overlooked, but easily avoidable!

  • List date outside two (2) business day window
  • Prohibited information in “Public Remarks” or ” Directions” section
  • Potential Fair Housing violations
  • No photo uploaded to listing
  • MLS subscribers can check their own active listings for potential violations
    • In Add/Edit, select or type in the MLS number of the listing you would like to check for compliance.
    • Click CheckIt at the bottom of the Modify Listing page

  • On the following page, Data Checker will show any potential violations in red.

Are you unsure why your listing field(s) is/are being flagged? OR do you believe that a flagged field could be a “false positive”?

Call or e-mail the MLSOK Tech Support Help Desk! One of our knowledgeable Compliance team members will be happy to assist you.

MLS subscribers can also utilize the Listing Data Checker widget on the Matrix home page!

  • View your own violation history, notifications, and reported violations!

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