Rules and Regulations

3.1 – Submission of “Active” MLS Listing Information.

3.1.1 – MLS Listing Information of real properties of the following types, for sale or rent or lease, which are listed subject to a Participant’s license, and which are located within the MLS Listing Areas taken by Participants or Subscribers in order to be entered into the MLS System must be “Exclusive Right to Sell or Lease Listings” or “Exclusive Agency to Sell or Lease Listings” signed by the seller or landlord and accepted by the Participant.

MLS Listing Information shall be entered into the MLS System within one (1) Business Day after marketing the property to the public. Public marketing includes, but is not limited to, flyers displayed in windows, yard signs, digital marketing on public facing websites, brokerage website displays, including IDX and VOW, digital communications marketing such as email blasts, multibrokerage listing sharing networks, and applications available to the general public; provided, however, that public marketing shall not include emails sent to clients of the listing brokerage.

All MLS Listing Information entered into the MLS Compilation shall be complete and accurate in every detail. Participants shall retain a copy of every Listing Agreement for a period of at least one (1) year after the date the listed property is sold or leased, or the listing expires, whichever occurs later.


3. – Entering a listing on the MLS without a valid and enforceable Exclusive Listing Agreement except for sold properties entered as permitted by MLS Rules and Regulations Section 4.6 as COMP01.
$2,500.00 fine

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