April 2, 2018

The application for 2019 NAR Committees is open until May 1st, 2018!  At time of writing, there are ZERO applications from the state of OK.  Let’s sign up today!

Why should I serve on a committee?
NAR’s committees are a great forum for debate and discussion. Being on a committee allows you to contribute to the decision-making process, and gain national experience beneficial for those seeking a leadership role.

For a list of committees, CLICK  HERE. (Login required)

How can I apply to a committee?
Applying to a committee is simple; visit the committee application webpage to get started HERE.

Do committees meet via conference call or in person?
Most committees meet in person at REALTORS® Legislative Meetings in May and REALTORS® Conference & Expo in November. Some committees may conduct conference call or webinar meetings in addition to their face-to-face meetings.

Is it necessary/mandatory to attend every committee meeting?
Committee chairs, vice chairs and members accept the responsibility for carrying out the goals of their committee(s) when appointed, and attendance at the two annual business meetings is part of that responsibility. See Meeting Policies & Procedures for more information.

Do I get reimbursed for any type of travel to the meeting?
NAR Committee (OKCMAR primary members) and current Board members will be reimbursed (not to exceed $2,000) for travel expenses to attend NAR Midyear and/or Annual Conference, and any other Board-approved industry conference upon submission of registration and confirmation of NAR Committee assignment. Reimbursement will be made after the conference trip and upon submittal of all receipts to the Executive Assistant. (Travel Expenses to be defined as Flight, Ground Transportation, Registration fees and Hotel Charges).

If I’m not selected to serve on a committee, what else can I do to get involved?

  • Apply for the NAR Leadership Academy
  • Attend a committee meeting that you are interested in. Unless there are exceptional reasons for confidentiality, meetings of the Association are open to any member.
  • Consider committee opportunities at the state and local level to gain experience.


Who can I contact with other questions?
If you have questions about serving on a committee or the application process, please contact:

Victoria Holmen, Committee Programs Coordinator
vholmen@realtors.org(link sends e-mail)

Erin Menet, Committee Programs Specialist

Mike Cassidy of Metro First Realty of Edmond has served on a few committees.  The Diversity Committee particularly resonates with him.  Cassidy has an interest in the array of cultures and demographics.  The former real estate commissioner said, “The various needs of the demographics are something we should pay more attention to locally.”

Several ethnic groups were represented in the meetings.  Each would give updates on events, including conferences hosted by their council. While he admires that the groups have separate councils with their own activities, Cassidy believes it would be beneficial for them to increase collaboration to create a stronger unification as a team.

Ethnic is not the only category of diversity addressed in the committee. During Cassidy’s ten-year term, he witnessed two major developments unfold:  the acceptance of the transgender community as a protective class and the legalization of gay marriage in an increasing number of states.  He commented, “Topics that pushed the envelope were brought to attention and NAR listened.”

Serving on a NAR committee is a great way to become more involved in your industry and gain a larger picture perspective.  Committee service is one of the benefits of NAR membership, so take advantage and take your leadership to a national level!

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