We invite our members to celebrate Fair Housing Month and reflect on how the profession can help ensure that every person has a fair chance at the American dream of homeownership.

To help support our members in their efforts, OKCMAR is challenging every member to take the Fairhaven training.
In the simulation, learners are placed in the fictional town of Fairhaven and must confront and decide how to react to various forms of discrimination.

Make your office a Fairhaven champion!

At the end of April, OKCMAR will recognize the offices with 100% Fairhaven participation and present an award to the offices with the highest participation percentage in the following categories:   

    • Mega Office (50 and up members)  

    • Super Large (25 to 49 members)  

    • Large (10 to 24 members)

    • Medium (6 to 9 members)  

    • Small (3 to 5 members)

If you have completed the training, be sure to encourage others in your office to do so! Fairhaven.realtor