The Portal Activity Notification Setting gives REALTORS® the option to be notified of recent portal activity by their contacts.  This can be done via e-mail, text and/or a daily summary email of activity.

What do you want to know about your contacts’ activities?

You could be notified when your contact…

  • Visits your Portal for the first time
  • Visits your Portal (any visit after the first time)
  • Adds notes to a listing
  • Saves or removes a listing as a Favorite
  • Saves or removes a listing as a Possibility
  • Discards or Un-discards a listing
  • Saves a search

ASAP notifications of a contact visiting their Portal are sent immediately, allowing the agent to know when a contact is looking at real estate and thus may be ideal to get in touch with. ASAP notifications of all other activity are sent only when no other notification for that contact has been sent within the past ten minutes. In order to prevent a deluge of notifications if the contact is very active and allow context for multiple actions on a single listing to be included within the same notification (i.e. saved as a favorite and added notes).

For further information, please contact your MLSOK Helpdesk at  405-841-5353 ext. 7 or through chat support.

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