June 18, 2018

During the teacher strike, Association Executive Helen Bozman invited the children of staff members to spend their days at OKCMAR.  The outcome was rather refreshing.  Giggles and imaginary scenarios filled the halls as the adults carried on with each workday.

One afternoon we asked the children to draw their dream homes. Some, like Santana, chose the extreme route of their imagination; while most included elements of their actual homes. We also asked them an important question: What does it take to buy a house?

Click on the links below for a little Homeownership Month entertainment!

Gabby’s House
Jada’s House
Jaleel’s House
Santana’s House
What does it take to buy a house?

Homeownership provides social benefits beyond pure financial and economic benefits. Research on the subject has found that, other things being equal, children of homeowners do better in school (higher test scores and lower anti-social behaviors)!

Read more statistics on children of homeowners

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