1. Is Homesnap able to access any other areas of my phone?

To see what permissions you can give to Homesnap, please do the following: 

Access the settings in your phone (not from within Homesnap)

> if you use iOS, scroll down and click on the Homesnap app; if you use an Android, click on Apps and then scroll down until you can find and click on Homesnap > in iOS, you will be able to see the different settings you can allow or disallow Homesnap from accessing;  on Android, you need to click on ‘Permissions’ to see the different settings you can allow or disallow Homesnap from accessing.

2. Can HomeSnap see my locations when I’m not using the App? 

Homesnap only tracks your location while you are using the app AND if you give Homesnap permission to track your location.  If you close the app, your location will not be tracked.

3. Does Homesnap contact my clients directly, or give/ sell our client’s information to any other  person/entity ?

If you invite a client to connect on Homesnap, Homesnap will send a weekly newsletter to your client from your Homesnap account (on your behalf).  This can be turned off if you choose not to send this to your clients.  Homesnap is a privately held company that does not disclose and/or sell any data to any external parties.

4. What happens to all my chat information, clients name, email addresses, and telephone numbers, if Homesnap chooses to sell to another company/entity? 

Homesnap’s partnership with MLSOK is pursuant to a legally binding contract.  Although Homesnap has no intention at this time to sell, if it does, any business that future ownership has would be pursuant to any valid contracts.

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