April 2, 2018

The OKCMAR Foundation’s fourth annual gala will be unique in that, for one, it entails stilt walkers and the best aerialists in town. Cirque du REALTOR® will be held on Wednesday, April 18th at Embassy Suites OKC Downtown.  We look forward to being amazed by the performers of Inspyral Entertainment!

Jeremy and Kelsey Philo
To sum up their story:  once upon a time, a unicyclist and a hula hooper fell in love.  They first met at a meet for unicyclists and jugglers and the rest is history!  They have been performing together since 2012 and founded Inspyral Entertainment in 2015 to inspire with their performances and share their love for flow arts with people of all ages.

The Philos’ skills go far beyond the unicycle and hula hoop.  Their glow shows and fire shows are crowd pleasers.  Also, calling them stilt walkers would be an understatement. Kelsey and Jeremy are stilt dancers, stilt-jugglers and stilt-hula hoopers!

The Flying Okie
Cat Carter AKA The Flying Okie is an aerial acrobat artist and instructor.  She has been the Lyra Champion at the Texas Aerial Festival and winner of the People’s Choice Award for Lyra in Chicago.  The skilled power tumbler is also trained in pointe ballet, tap and jazz, which graces her performance style.

“As an artist and an acrobat, I strive to present the beauty of the human body and find the wonders of what we can do. Join me on the journey. I am determined. I am empowered. I am, The Flying Okie.”  – Cat Carter

See these amazing artists perform at Cirque du REALTOR®! Get tickets HERE!

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