June 18, 2018

Just as a storm came down on the city, the most successful RPAC Major Investor event in OKCMAR history began. Over 50 of OKCMAR’s top producers came together at 3Sixty restaurant at the top of United Founders Tower. The event, hosted by the OKCMAR Government Affairs and RPAC Committees, resulted in over $20,000 being raised for RPAC. Fifteen of those in attendance became Major Investors, contributing $1,000 or more. Three more joined the President’s Circle, agreeing to contribute another $2,000 to candidates who support the profession.

Nationally known North Carolina speaker Leigh Brown got the crowd going as she explained how and why she is a Major Investor. She told her story, illustrated by her charm bracelet and what each charm represented. By the time she finished, the contributions started to roll in.

With the addition of these 15 Major Investors, OKCMAR already has 40 Major Investors for 2018. The goal is to have 50 by the end of the year.

Why a Major Investor? Members who are Major Investors understand the realities of the profession.  Major Investors understand that to ask others, you must also do. They set the example for others, helping them see how important their RPAC investment is to the profession.

They know RPAC is a critical part of the advocacy program for the profession and the industry. In fact, it may be the most important part. Through everyone’s RPAC investment we raise funds that support elected officials who make the important decisions that impact REALTORS®. Some hate the idea of giving money to candidates, but it is a reality in our current election process. Without it, candidates who support the REALTOR® community would have a more difficult time getting elected or re-elected. With so much of what we do regulated by the government, it is critical that we have a seat at the table. Our donations help put us there.

Bottom line: They help insure that we keep our seat at the table.

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