January 22, 2018

Matrix users can expect an update as of 9 PM on Wednesday, January 24th.

The following is an overview:

Matrix OS/Browser Compatibility

Matrix Desktop Compatibility

Matrix 7.1 is compatible with the latest browser versions supported by mainstream operating systems. NOTE: Operating systems (OS) and browsers such as Windows XP, Windows Vista and Internet Explorer 8 and 9 (IE8, IE9), are no longer in mainstream support.  All users who are using a previous version of these browsers will be presented with a warning at login to encourage upgrading. Issues related to supported browsers that can’t be resolved by upgrading to the latest newer version will be reviewed and resolved on a priority and best-effort basis. ​CoreLogic will support upgrades to browsers as soon as reasonably practical after the date when the new version of the browser is available for shipment in new retail computers.

Desktop users who choose to use Internet Explorer (IE) on Windows 7 and Windows 8 can upgrade to IE11.  Windows 10 users can use IE11 or Edge Browser. Firefox and Chrome automatically update to their most recent versions regardless of underlying operating system. Matrix Desktop supports the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 11 and Edge Browser
  • And the most recent versions of:
    • Safari
    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Android Browser
    • Chrome Mobile
    • Safari Mobile

Matrix Mobile Compatibility

iPad and Android Tablet users should ensure they’re up to date with the most recent version of their browser they can install. Matrix Mobile supports the following browsers:

  • IOS Safari
  • IOS Chrome
  • Android Browser
  • Android Chrome

Bugs reported against other mobile platforms will be fixed on a best-effort basis.

New and Enhanced Features in Matrix 7.1

HTTPS Support

Matrix now supports TLS (Transport Layer Security) which is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser (HTTPS protocol). This link ensures that all data passed between the Matrix web server and the users browser remains private.

Important Note: HTTPS support requires additional configuration and will not take place the night Matrix is upgraded to 7.1. A customer care team member will coordinate a date following the upgrade.

  • Customers utilizing CoreLogic’s servers (i.e. com) will not be required to purchase their own TLS Certificates. CoreLogic will provide TLS certificates on your behalf.
  • Self-hosted customers (i.e. not com URL) must obtain their own TLS Certificates and provide the certificate codes to CoreLogic prior to enabling HTTPS.
  • Once HTTPS is configured the Matrix URL will switch from http://… to https://…
  • Users attempting to access Matrix using http:// URL will automatically be redirected to the secure https://

Pre-defined and Custom Banners on CMA Page Headers

The CMA page headers will now use the same color banner selected for the Agents Portal. This includes any of the colorful predefined banners or a custom banner uploaded by the agent.
Important Note: This feature requires new CMA report templates to be uploaded to Matrix and requires additional configuration. This task will not take place the night Matrix is upgraded to 7.1. A customer care team member will coordinate a date following the upgrade.


Additional changes to the CMA Pages include:

  • Higher resolution subject property image on the CMA cover page
  • Updated the Source of Buyers chart to most recent 2016 statistics
  • Use of 3D bar charts instead of 2D
  • Font adjustments text alignment where necessary primarily to the statistical reports


Consistent size Print Headers

Print headers are now sized consistently across all printed displays and reports regardless of the width of the printed content to ensure reliable, predictable output.

  • Members who upload custom headers should still upload an image which is 1600 x 120 pixels in order to enjoy the best appearance on their clients’ Portal sites, but should ensure that all important content is within the left half of the image so it displays on smaller screens and when printed.
  • The print header reflects the left 945 pixels of the Portal header, and a preview of it has been added to all pages where headers are configured.


‘Continue Editing’ button added to Add/Edit after submitting a listing

After a user submits a new listing or edits and existing listing in Matrix, they now have a convenient “Continue Editing” button that will return the user to the previous input screen.

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