MLSOK Appraiser Committee

Committee chair

Angelena Harris

Spearhead Realty Group LLC

VICE Chair

Jon Wright

Green Meadow Appraisals


Robert Outlaw


Tania Laubach


Mission Statement

Provide a pivotal role in ensuring the MLSOK platform provides the most reliable and comprehensive data to support appraisers in their real estate valuation endeavors.

Committee Description

The Real Estate Appraisal Committee for MLSOK is a dedicated and essential team within the MLSOK organization with a primary focus on enhancing data accuracy and improving services for its appraiser subscribers. This committee should consist of 5 Residential Appraisers, 4 Designated Realtors® (Managing Brokers) Chair and Vice Chair appointed by the MLSOK President, 1 Year Term, The quorum to be met is the same as all other committees

1. Data Quality Assurance: The committee is responsible for maintaining the highest standards of data accuracy within the MLSOK database. They diligently review and validate property information, including square footage, property characteristics, and transaction details, to ensure appraisers have access to reliable data.
2. Collaboration with Appraisers: Committee members work closely with appraiser subscribers to gather feedback, address concerns, and understand their specific data needs. This collaborative approach helps tailor MLSOK services to better serve the appraiser community.
3. Data Enhancement: The committee explores opportunities to enrich the MLSOK database by incorporating additional data sources, such as market trends, historical data, and property-specific details. This augmentation helps appraisers make more informed valuation decisions.
4. Data Integrity: Ensuring the integrity of the data is paramount. Committee members work alongside MLSOK’s data management team to identify and rectify any data inconsistencies or inaccuracies promptly.
5. Educational Resources: The committee may develop and provide educational resources, workshops, or webinars to appraisers, helping them leverage MLSOK’s data effectively and stay informed about industry best practices.
6. Market Insights: By closely monitoring market trends and dynamics, the committee offers appraisers valuable insights that can aid in their property valuations. This information helps appraisers make data-driven decisions.
7. Service Enhancement: The committee actively seeks ways to improve MLSOK’s services, making the platform more user-friendly and tailored to the needs of appraiser subscribers.

This committee shall meet on a quarterly basis as noticed by the Corporation MLS staff.

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