MLSOK Finance Committee

MLSOK Sec/Treas

Barry Whittington

RE/MAX First


Adam Majorie



Cari Hokett



David Gaither

HSPG & Associates


Melissa Nye


Mission Statement

Shall fund the strategic plan and oversee the financial health of the association and recommend the annual budget to the board.

Committee Description

Article VIII. Section 1.4. This committee shall be composed of the President of the Corporation, the Secretary/Treasurer, the Executive Officer, the President of the Association and three (3) sitting directors of the Board of Directors as elected by the Board. It shall be the duty of this committee to administer the finances of the Corporation. They may research and recommend investment of the Corporation’s funds to the Board. The Committee shall not incur an obligation or authorize an expenditure without the approval of the Board at a regular meeting. Authorized signatures on checks on accounts of the Corporation shall be any two (2) of the following officers: President, President-Elect or Secretary/Treasurer. Each officer who signs checks or receives monies may be asked to provide a surety bond issued by a company qualified to do business in the State of Oklahoma in such amount as the Board shall deem necessary, the cost to be paid by the Corporation. This committee shall meet on a quarterly basis as noticed by the Corporation MLS staff.

July 2024
October 2024
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