March 11th

Chat Support

When you see the Chat button on the bottom right side of your MLSOK screen, you now (starting today) have the option to chat with an MLSOK technician!



Acreage Field

Do you know how many acres you have? Do you have a client who is searching for an acreage? Does it drive you crazy when “# of Acres” field is blank?

We have the solution! If Land SqFt is entered, then it will autopopulate the # of Acres. Please also note that this will only occur when listing is saved & complete!


Hotsheets – Get your customized!

Watch Ally Johnson’s tutorial on map criteria and customizing views on hotsheets!


Coming March 18th: TransactionDesk Rapid Population

Currently, when adding additional information to the property details page, users are required to go to the forms section and use either the basket icon or action menu to hit “Auto Populate” in order to have the information populate the forms.

With this new enhancement called Rapid Population, the data from the property details page will automatically sync into your forms and therefore, you will not need the Auto-populate button. It will be removed from the basket and action menu.


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