March 18, 2019

Area Code Field Removed

Did you know that 35% of listings do not use area code? This means that when you search by area code, the results could be missing plenty of potential listings! Using map criteria would enhance those results.

The Area Code field has been removed from the search display and input form.

Watch Ally Johnson’s tutorial on map criteria and customizing views on hotsheets for better search results!

TransactionDesk Rapid Population

Previously, when adding additional information to the property details page, users were required to go to the forms section and use either the basket icon or action menu to hit “Auto Populate” in order to have the information populate the forms.

With this new enhancement called Rapid Population, the data from the property details page will automatically sync. You no longer need the Auto-populate button!

School Locator Tool for 2019-2020 School Year Released

Approved earlier this month, the Pathway to Greatness Plan includes new school boundary zones. The School Locator Tool is useful for verifying what school a home address is assigned to for the 2019-2020 school year!

A Refresher: Property Disclosure Upload

To make a listing active, the Property Disclosure document must be uploaded under ​Manage Supplements –> “Disclosure / Disclaimer / Exemption”. If the listing does not require a “Disclosure document” you must upload a Disclaimer or Exemption.

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