OKCMAR members across the metroplex will be participating in local municipal and school board elections on Tuesday, April 6th. OKCMAR’s Government Affairs committee chair Glen Cosper said, “We hope every OKCMAR member who has a local election will vote. No matter where you live in the metroplex, we hope you will take the time to find out about the candidates on the ballot in your area.”

There are over 30 local municipal and school board elections being held across the metroplex where OKCMAR members live. The responsibilities of OKCMAR’s Government Affairs Committee include assessing the position of the candidates and what impact their policies will have on the community they are wanting to represent. The process includes sending candidates questionnaires and conducting interviews in races that impact a large segment of the membership and the community.

Based on the questionnaires and interviews, the committee is recommending that OKCMAR members who live in the following candidates’ districts consider voting for them:

Oklahoma City Ward 1

Shay Varnell

Oklahoma City Ward 3

Jessica Martinez-Brooks

OKCPS Board Chair

Paula Lewis

OKCPS Board Member District 1

Brett Hayes

OKCPS Board Member District 2

Lori Bowman

Voting is 7 AM to 7 PM April 6 at your usual polling location.

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