June 4, 2018

Each year in May, REALTORS® across the country ascend on Washington D.C. to attend REALTORS® Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo .

Two important purposes set the event apart from other NAR conferences:

  1. To bring together leaders and members to conduct NAR business
  2. To get educated and become an advocate

For those reasons the OKCMAR leadership and staff place a high priority on attendance at this conference.  This year like previous years, OKCMAR members rose to the occasion and accomplished both objectives.

NAR Business

Like every association, NAR is successful because of the hard work and time that members –  especially those who go the extra mile and agree to serve on a NAR committee – give to the organization. Their work through these committees help ensure that NAR is meeting the needs of the membership and challenges facing the industry. Because many of these challenges are due to government regulations, those in attendance get the opportunity to become informed, meet and discuss these issues with government officials who regulate the industry.

Attendees through the many presentations, sessions and speakers hear firsthand from experts and pundits their perspective on these issues. Attendees are given an unbelievable amount of information to help them become knowledgeable and better advocates for the profession.

They also attend special sessions like NAR 360, which highlights the latest and greatest things happening in NAR. Even if you do not serve on an NAR committee, you finish the week with a better understanding of the organizations and its objectives.


After they have gained all this great information what do they do with it. They become an advocate for the profession. Those in attendance get the opportunity through visits on Capitol Hill and other scheduled meetings with members of Congress to talk issues. This is what makes Mid-Year special.

When they are meeting with our elected officials, there is this feeling and questioning, “Am I am doing any good?” However, NAR government affairs staff tells us they are critical to helping get the support when a key vote or action is needed.

The other part of this advocacy is the RPAC component. Unfortunately, in today’s world, you must have a well-funded political action committee. Thanks to RPAC, the profession has one. While they are not asking for money at Mid-Year, they do take time to recognize the work that was done the previous year to raise the funds for RPAC.  2017 was a good year for Oklahoma. We were a Triple Crown state; and three of OKCMAR’s members were recognized for their donations to RPAC and inducted into the RPAC Hall of Fame. They were Mo Anderson for contributing over $50,000 to RPAC and Kathy Fowler and Morrie Shepherd, who each contributed over $25,000 to RPAC.

Bottom line, NAR’s Legislative Meetings are more than a conference. It is what makes NAR one of the top associations in the country. We owe a lot to these unsung heroes who make the trek and do whatever it takes to keep us on top.

To our attendees, Congrats on another great conference!

Helen Bozman
Kathy Fowler
Gary Jones
Becky Karpe
Jeff Langum
Steve Reese
Carolyn Sims

Bus ride to Capitol Hill

Association delegations from Oklahoma meeting with Representative Lucas

Association delegations from Oklahoma meeting with Congressman Mullin

General session at NAR conference

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