May 14, 2018

As many members are aware, Matrix provides agents with the ability to track the amount of exposure their listings have within the MLS. Now, after many requests by our broker members, Office Hit Counters are available!

As long as you currently have Broker or Head Office Assistant access in the MLS, you can view the Hit Counters for your office in one of two ways.

1.) From the Home screen in Matrix, locate the My Listings widget. My Office Hit Counters should appear among the selections.
2.) You can also access My Office Hit Counters from the My Matrix tab at the top of the page. Hover your mouse cursor over My Matrix and click My Listings.



3.) On the My Listings page, click the drop-down menu on the top left-hand portion of the page.

Just as My Hit Counters do for individual agents, My Office Hit Counters will give brokers and head office assistants a look into what kind of exposure the listings in their office are getting by displaying how many client portals, auto e-mails, and even views the listings have received!

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