February 25, 2019
OKCMAR Attains President Cup & Triple Crown RPAC Recognition
 With the announcement that OKCMAR had achieved both the NAR Presidents Cup and Triple Crown RPAC awards, we can celebrate the journey. For the last four years, OKCMAR has made a priority to change the culture and the level of RPAC activity in the association. The two awards show it has paid off.To achieve these awards, OKCMAR had to surpass previous records and goals. The results were tremendous. For the year 2018, OKCMAR was able to accomplish the following to attain both awards:
* 40% of the OKCMAR membership invested in RPAC at a minimum of $20 per person
* OKCMAR membership invested $92,244 in RPAC
* 38 OKCMAR members invested $1,000 or more in RPAC
* 5 OKCMAR members participated in the President’s Circle program by giving an additional $2,000 to elected officials designated as REALTOR®
While getting recognized is great, it is not the real goal. Having targets set by NAR, helps ensure that every association is doing its part to support the profession and the industry. There are those who ask why is supporting RPAC so important. The response, our industry is one of the most regulated in American society. We can choose to sit and allow others to dictate what is best for us, or we can have a seat at the table and advocate for ourselves.
In 1969, REALTORS® through NAR decided they wanted a seat at the table. Since then we have created one of the most influential organizations in the country. Our political action committee is ranked in the top 10 as one of the most powerful in the country. It has allowed Realtors to gain victories that help the profession and stop initiatives that would have hurt the industry and our clients.
Goals are important, but they are only a means to an end. If you have not invested in RPAC ask yourself, “If not me, who?” To learn more about RPAC and how it impacts you, visit:

Major Investor Event is Great Kickoff to 2019 RPAC Year

Officially kicking off the OKCMAR RPAC fundraising year was the Major Investor Round Up. The event held on February 18th was the first RPAC event of the year. OKCMAR leaders and past Major Investors gathered at McClintock Saloon in the Stockyards to celebrate 2018 and continue OKCMAR’s success in 2019.

Thanks to the generosity of those in attendance. Over $9,000 was collected for RPAC and another $12,750 was pledged for the year. This puts OKCMAR on track to reach our goal of raising $102,000 for RPAC in 2019.

You could feel the excitement in the air. Every time a Major Investor was signed up, a bell would ring in their contribution. During the night, the bell rang 17 times!

The RPAC committee who hosted the event put on a great program. It not only included great food and drink, but a rousing speech from Washington State Realtor Kitty Windermere who flew in for the event. She told those in attendance her story and how she became a Major Investor. Like so many, it started with learning what is RPAC and then witnessing firsthand the resources it provides. Especially when dealing with government and policies that could hurt or erode the property rights of homeowners.

To join those who have stepped up and become a major investor, visit http://okrealtors.com/rpac

See photos from the Major Investor Roundup!


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