Are you active in local politics?
Do you know a local elected official in metro Oklahoma City?
Are you interested in leveraging your relationships to benefit your industry and career?

If yes, you should be a political partner!

Political Partners help OKCMAR effectively represent the interest of our members through advocacy, mobilization, and monitoring local cities and towns in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. If you share a personal relationship with local elected officials or attend your local city/town council meetings, we need you! By signing up to be a political partner you will help us reach our goal to have one Political Partner for each local city/town.

You can help take OKCMAR’s grassroots political efforts to the next level.

Political Partner Standards of Performance

Political Partners are expected to:

  • Prior to city/town council meetings, review agenda for issues of importance to REALTORS®.
  • Attend or monitor city/town meetings when REALTORS®-related issues are to be discussed.
  • Provide an update to OKCMAR Governmental Affairs staff after each meeting of any issues of importance to REALTORS®.
  • Work with OKCMAR Governmental Affairs staff to coordinate strategies in response to REALTORS®-identified issues or proposed ordinances.
  • Meet with their elected official(s) as needed and provide updates.
  • Assist in the presentation of RPAC disbursements to their elected official.
  • Complete a training session facilitated by the OKCMAR Governmental Affairs staff.
  • Invest annually in the REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC).

How do I become a Political Partner?

Download and complete an application and email to Gary Jones at
Subject Line: Political Partners Program.
Your application will be reviewed by OKCMAR for inclusion in the program.

If you have questions, please contact OKCMAR staff member Gary Jones at or (405) 840-1493.

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