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Realist and changes to Flash player 

By December 2020, Adobe will have retired the Flash web application. As many MLS users are aware, this carries implications for the Realist public record search product provided by MLSOK. Until that time, users may see increased measures taken by web browsers to prevent the use of Flash-enabled sites. Such action is taken with the intent that web developers will move away from Flash-enabled products by the 2020 deadline. As of August 2019, CoreLogic has projected that Realist will be re-launched in its new format sometime in early to mid-2020.

Instructions for re-configuring the Google Chrome browser to run Flash-enabled sites

Why you shouldn’t use multiple browsers while using the MLS  

Editing multiple listings in separate windows or tabs can have an impact on your data, as input sessions can “leak” into each other. The practice should be avoided.

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