July 23, 2018

Labels for RPR charts and neighborhood stats have been enhanced to include the geography type for improved clarification. The How this [geography] Compares label will now specify the type (city, ZIP code or neighborhood).

My Listings Search

The one-click My Listings search (website and mobile) now includes commercial and residential leases. This popular shortcut allows users to quickly view details and generate reports for prospective clients.

Property and Neighborhood Details: Improved Geo-Level Labeling

Reports: Display Multiple Emails and Website URLs on Report Cover Page

This enhancement to the reports cover page includes support for multiple phone numbers, emails and website URLs.

zipForm Integration: Export Process Fields Adjustment

The RPR-to-zipForms export process that delivers listing and public record information for new transactions has been updated to include parcel details (lot number, unit number, township, block number, plat book and page numbers).

Commercial: SMR Tenant Data Quarterly Update

This release features the March 2018 SMR commercial tenant data update. The data load updates the information of over 7 million tenants linked to commercial properties.

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