May 7, 2018

ShowingTime May Updates

Empowered Sellers Are Happy Sellers

Agents and other real estate professionals are seeing business pick up as the busy spring season heads into May. There are more calls to answer, more requests to field and a seemingly never-ending number of appointments to schedule (and reschedule).

The home-selling process is already a stressful one. But with the inventory shortage, aggressive buyers and quick sales across the country, that stress is creating a heavy burden on even the most laid back of sellers.

How can agents help?


Buyer Demand Remains Strong as ShowingTime Showing Index® Reaches Historic High

Here are the key points:

  • Despite a lack of inventory, buyer activity rose to its highest level since the inception of the ShowingTime Showing Index®
  • South (8.2 percent) posts highest regional increase, while Midwest recovers from slight February decline to exhibit 6.8 percent gain
  • Northeast (4.7 percent) maintains upward trend, while West (-1.4 percent) declines for second consecutive month

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can sellers change appointment notification preferences?

It’s easy for sellers to set up notifications according to their preferences once they’re added as a contact to the listing. Sellers can receive a ‘Showing Requested’ alert or a confirmation notification. Learn more

If the sellers app is offered in your market, sellers can get alerted by an automated phone call, text, email, and/or push notification. It can get overwhelming pretty quickly once appointments are requested and confirmed. Maintaining open communication with your seller is the most efficient way to keep them informed without bombarding them with notification. Learn more

  1. How can sellers block off an hour or two during the day?

Homeowners cannot set up their own calendar availability, but as a listing agent, you can easily do so for them by creating ‘Showing Restriction’ rule for their listing. Learn more

  1. A homeowner has the same listing for sale and for rent. How can they see all the activity in their account?

Each homeowner is connected to a unique listing ID and can only see the activity on one listing at a time. However, as a listing agent, you can merge the listing that is both for sale and for rent in your ShowingTime account so your sellers can see and manage the activity for both via the mobile app or desktop platform. Learn how

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