“Temporarily Off Market” means a listing that has been temporarily removed from Active status for a period of up to thirty (30) calendar days to allow for renovations, holiday periods or brief convalescence and documentation of such event, signed by the seller, shall be provided to MLS within two (2) Business Days of signature by seller.

Temporarily Off Market status is only allowed for:
• Renovations
• Holiday Periods
• Brief Convalescence (time spent recovering from an illness or medical treatment; recuperation.)

The listing agent must submit documentation of such event to the MLS, signed by the seller,  within two (2) Business Days of signature by seller. 

2. – Failure to enter changes relating to amendments to a listing agreement within two (2) business days;

Fines for Serious Violations are as follows:
• First Infraction: Warning notification
• Second Infraction: $250.00 fine
• Third Infraction: $500.00 fine; and referral to MLS Board of Directors for review and discipline if applicable.

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