May 14, 2018

Oh this is an issue that makes our members’ blood boil! Read how our MLSOK department approaches the issue of unauthorized use of photos in our market:

Section 18.2 (‘Photographs or Images’) of the MLS Rules and Regulations states “Use of listing media (photographs, drawings, video recordings, etc.), including any copies obtained from a previous listing are strictly prohibited absent written consent from the seller, listing agent, or the person or entity that owns the rights to the media content.”

This is a small piece of Section 18.2. Click here for the full section and complete Rules & Regs!

Please note that MLSOK treats all agent reports of potential “unauthorized use of a photo or virtual tour” as a take-down notice and remove the photo in question within 24 hours of the report until it can be resolved (providing proof the photo or virtual tour is original, does in fact have written authorization to use it, or acknowledged that it was copied from a previous listing).

Make sure you have that written authorization before you decide to use someone else’s photos or virtual tours!

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