Coming Soon:

is a status for a parcel of property that has an executed Listing Agreement and is being prepared for sale but is not yet on the market. Coming Soon properties are not available for showing or purchase.” (SECTION 1:  DEFINITIONS, Page 1 – MLSOK, INC. Rules and Regulations)  

Do I need seller acknowledgment and consent?
Listing agreements for Coming Soon properties must include a Coming Soon addendum signed by the seller indicating that the seller acknowledges and consents to the Coming Soon status.

Can I show my coming soon listing?
Properties listed as Coming Soon shall not be shown by any Members, including but not limited to the listing Participant, until the status is changed to Active.

Do I need to manually change my Coming Soon listing to Active on the day it goes on market?
Coming Soon listings are automatically changed to Active status, unless the listing Participant changes the status earlier.

If the property is not ready for showing within ten (10) calendar days, what do I need to do?
The listing Participant must change the status to Withdrawn until it is ready for showing. 

 When does the Days on Market calculation begin?
The Days on Market calculation for a Coming Soon listing begins once the listing is changed to Active.

Can I re-list my Coming Soon listing?
Properties may only be listed in the Coming Soon status once per calendar year, unless the property has sold or been relisted with another listing Member within that time.

Can I pre-market my Coming Soon listing?
Listing Participants may engage in limited pre-marketing of a Coming Soon listing, provided such marketing is consistent with applicable law, identifies the listing as Coming Soon, and does not misrepresent the availability of the listing for showings.

What is the On Market Date?
The On Market Date is the day the property becomes active and ready for showings.

Can I schedule showings for Coming Soon listings?
Showing schedule will be allowed only for dates on and after the On Market Date.

Can I change my On Market Date?
The On Market Date cannot be changed once entered.

Do I need the Coming Soon Listing Addendum uploaded to make a Coming Soon listing live?
The Coming Soon Listing Addendum must be uploaded in order to make your Coming Soon Listing live.

Do I need to upload the Property Disclosure for a Coming Soon listing?

Do I need to upload photos to make Coming Soon Listing live?
Yes. At least 1 photo is required.

Can I change my Coming Soon listing to Active prior to the end of the Pre-Marketing Period?
If the Property is ready for showings prior to the end of the Pre-Marketing Period, the Broker must change the status to Active in order to begin scheduling showings.

NEW COMPLIANCE GUIDELINES For Coming Soon and Clear Cooperation Policy
MLSOK Compliance Guidelines


Serious Violations:
• Failure to enter a Coming Soon Listing Addendum when entering a Coming Soon listing.
• Failure to enter a listing within one (1) business day after publicly marketing the property.

Fines for serious violations are as follows:
First Infraction: Warning notification
Second Infraction: $250.00 fine
Third Infraction: $500.00 fine and referral to MLS Board of Directors for review and discipline if applicable

$1000 for failure to comply with the marketing restrictions for a property listed as Coming Soon, included but not limited to:
• Showing or marketing during the Pre-Marketing Period
• Failure to post a Coming Soon rider on any “For Sale” display
• Syndicating the real estate listing to third party websites during the Pre-Marketing Period

The 7 Rules of Coming Soon

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